2009 “Wetton/Downes: iCon 3”

 Cover 01. Twice The Man I Was
02. Destiny
03. Green Lights and Blue Skies
04. Raven
05. My Life is in Your Hands
06. Sex, Power and Money
07. Anna’s Kiss
08. Under The Sky
09. Don’t Go Out Tonight
10. Never Thought I’d See You Again
11. Peace In Our Time

PlayersJohn Wetton: Voices, Basses
Geoffrey Downes: Keyboards, Vocoder
Dave Kilminster: Guitars
Peter Riley: Drums
Hugh McDowell: Cello
Ann-Marie Helder: Voice on tracks 4, 9, 11
Andreas Vollenweider: Harp on tracks 4, 7

Recording Type

Studio CD

Twice The Man I Was

Strolling down Atlantic Avenue
I’m looking for adventure, something new
And there is not a single thing I wouldn’t do
I’m looking at the way it used to be
Things are clear that I could never see
And the world is now the way it was
meant to be …. And I’m Twice The Man I Was

I’m so tired of drivin’ down a one way street
I live on the island where three rivers meet
I hated myself for the way I was
But now I can forgive myself because
I’m Twice The Man I Was

Oh so good to be back home again
And I’m so relieved I missed the bitter end
Cos the gratitude on which my life depends
Says I’m Twice The Man I Was

Well I bathed in the fountain of eternal youth
Prayed on the mountain where Jesus soothed
Chastised the Devil where the prophets stood
One foot in Eden, one in Hollywood
I loved all the women that I never should
You know it’s all because
I’m Twice The Man I Was

Simple situations used to baffle me
Blind to the colours that I couldn’t see
I stared in the face of death a thousand times
Slid down the razor blade of public life
I was broken and beaten, now I’m energized

I’m Twice The Man I Was


Mama, I was just a kid
I would always take the blame, for things I never did
Later on, and the world was in my hands
When I threw it all away, I knew that you’d understand

Someday I will see
When final waves wash over me
That there is only One who can command me

I know myself, and I know where I belong
I don’t believe in looking back, for that’s all dead and gone
For now , in the present I reside
I free my soul of everything, I have nothing to hide

Someday, I will see
When the final waves crash over me
That I am just a teardrop in the ocean

My destiny …. dictates to me
I know, it’s not up to me, whatever will be, will be
Our destiny….

Fate, it seems, has a compass all its own
And I don’t need to know the path, I don’t want to be shown
It’s not my place, and it was never meant to be
The secrets of the universe, not yet for me to see ….
Someday, when I go
Oh, oh, it’s good to know
That I am just a rock upon the mountain

My destiny…. dictates to me
You know, it’s not up to me, whatever will be, will be
Our destiny
(This is our destiny, written for you and me
This is our destiny, that’s how it’s meant to be)

Presently, all things will be revealed,
so then I’ll know
There is a time to stand, and one to kneel
Courage, is the power given me
The strength to rise up from the floor,
and be what I wanna be ….

So Mama , when I go
Oh, oh, it’s good to know
That I was just a wheel
in something turning ….

Green Lights and Blue Skies

Living life for today
Who cares what lies ahead now?
Like a new religion
Is this real?

Green Lights and Blue Skies
Follow your dream
Green Lights and Blue Skies
Colour your dream

Watching sounds in stereo
Morphing into monochrome
Pictures on the big screen
Is this real?

Creatures take the dance floor
Bodies moving close to mine
Acid pumps through my brain
Is this real?

Walk out of this fever
Zombies ever close to me
Holy fire, what is this?
Is this real? ….


Raven, take me to the edge of darkness,
Hold me, through the emptiness I feel
Evening, gliding to our destiny,
Dark angels, in nocturnal symmetry

Precious one, you lead me on and on
Lift me up, we kiss, then turn away

Nightfall, I teach you how to cry and how to love me
There’s no other, I know you so well
Dreaming, falling through a velvet curtain
Certain to embrace the dawning day

Precious one, you lead me on and on
Lift me up, we kiss, then turn away
Raven, be so bold and beautiful,
And lead me, to the perfect masquerade
Hold me, give me all, and I won’t let you fall
I carry you home in silence

Corvo, luna, volo
… and teach me how to fly ….

My Life Is In Your Hands

I walk down this road, thinking of you
The whisper of leaves, says ‘what can I do?’
(Round and round) I’ve been circling around
(Up and down) I’ve been up and I’ve been down

Still on my mind, no time on my side
Hope is alive, for love that had died
(Round and round) I’ve been circling around
(Up and down) On a rollercoaster
(Round and round) I’ve been up and I’ve been down
(Up and down) And my life goes on and on . . . .

All my life, I’ve been waiting for you
All this time, I’ve been hanging on a line
All my life, I’ve been trying to make you understand
My Life Is In Your Hands

So maybe one day, I’ll see you again
Only through love, the faith will remain

Still on my mind, no time on my side
Hope is alive, for a love that had died

My life is in your hands

Thinking of you
What can I do
Maybe one day …

Sex, Power & Money

Seen from the planets, on earth nothing has changed
Nations of gannets, vastly deranged
The laws of the jungle, all old rules still apply

Be it Sydney, Baghdad or Berlin,
Mumbai or Mandalay Bay
Our personal standards are falling day by day
The wealthy get richer,
that’s the name of everyone’s game

Sex, Power and Money, all I want is ….
Sex, Power and Money, all I need is ….

No god, or nationality will stand in my way
Be I Brit, Norwegian or Pharisee,
avarice wins my day
So lock up your daughter,
I have a wealth of moral decay

Anna’s Kiss – Instrumental

Under The Sky

Remember the days gone by, when we fell in love
Everything that we had been dreaming of
All of our prayers were answered,
Nothing was left to chance, and
Nothing was in our way

Remember the lonely nights and the telephone
Comforting words to you when you’re all alone
Always a hand to soothe you
Always a word to move you
I never questioned why ….

Under The sky I hold you
Under the azure sky
And with this ring of gold, you’ll
Love me until you die (till you die, till you die)

I just hadn’t noticed where all the time had gone
I abandoned my hopes and dreams, and I carried on
Now it’s too late to save it
I guess you had better face it
I’ve come to say goodbye ….

Under The Sky you hold me
Under a blood red sky
And of the vow you told me
Was it a total lie? (Did you lie, did you lie?)

Don’t Go Out Tonight

I’m the last man standing when I’m out on the town
But now I’m looking over my shoulder
I’m a dead man walking with one hand in the game
And my feet are getting colder and colder
Don’t go, don’t go
My mind is racing, there’s a war going on
In my head the words of wisdom are ringing ….

You say:
Ooh, Don’t Go Out Tonight,
Just stay home and watch some TV
Ooh , Don’t Go Out Tonight,
Face the music, take it easy ….

Well, I can’t stop thinking I’m the star of the show
I’m the life and soul of the party
Yes, it’s all plain sailing when there’s people around
But alone, it seems I never get started

Don’t go, don’t go

It’s a fine line now between the wrong and the right
And the path to the light is unending

Never Thought I’d See You Again

Sitting in this hotel room with nowhere to go
Tuned into the morning show on my radio
I heard the tune we sang from long, long ago
And I think about the way we used to be
… you and me

I thought I’d head out to the place we used to go
Same old Wurlitzer and booth we used to know
All the laughter and the tears came back to me
And the memory of everything that we shared
… you and me

And you can tell all the world that I’m here for you
I waited for ten long years for this to come true
Now that the sun is shining, yeah,
through the pouring rain
Well, sweet heavens above, but I
Never Thought I’d See You Again

Imagine my surprise at last, what do I see?
Like a vision, here you are, looking at me
Nothing’s changed, you are the same, ever to be
And we know that our patience has been rewarded
… you and me

I think about the time we lost, what can I say?
It’s just the water under bridge, flowing away
Now there’s sunlight in my life, every day
Now you’re here, now I never can let you go ….
oh, no no

Peace In Our Time

New millenium, in south California
Bearded and and barefoot, a Rockman lived in a cave
And I’d ask him ‘what lies in the future?
Is this the end, or can we survive?’

And he said ….

‘Peace in Our Time, love will redeem us
Let your heart be at rest
Sing with joy as the love moves between us
Love is, love is the best …. ‘

‘Peace in our time – Oh Yeah,’ said the Rockman
‘That’s what we pray for, this I know
Stick around me, till the miracle happens
Look to the heavens, this will be so’
Pax in tempore nostro

Amor semper vincet