2003 “The Collection”


Blueprint BP401CD

  1. East West (Light Program)
  2. Just As Long (Wetton/Downes)
  3. Video Killed The Radio Star (Vox Humana)
  4. Roads of Destiny (Vox Humana)
  5. Concerto (Vox Humana)
  6. England (Vox Humana)
  7. Nights In White Satin (Evolution)
  8. White Shade of Pale (Evolution)
  9. Dust in the Wind (Evolution)
  10. Don't Walk Away (Hughes/Downes)
  11. Downes Solo (Asia: Live Acoustic)
  12. The Journey Begins (Asia: Rare)
  13. Moscow (World Service)
  14. London (World Service)
  15. Zurich (World Service)
  16. Paris (World Service)
  17. World Service (World Service)
  18. You Can Fly From Here (Unreleased)
  19. Video Killed The Radio Star (Korg Sampler CD)